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What Does it Mean to Exist?  

     What does it mean to exist? And by extension, what does it mean to be alive or to be?  These are the fundamental questions of not just us but the entire universe. I don’t mean that as a lead in to a childish parochial appeal to sell you a new or old religion or a new or old philosophy of ideas on how to avoid answering these questions but to assuage yours and my conscience in the process. I ask these questions with genuine and serious intention and beseech you to go with me a little bit into these matters. I cannot promise you much in this journey. Well, that’s a lie. The truth is I have no authority and have not answered these deep questions for myself nor am I sure I ever can and I would be extremely daft to think that I could do it or promise it for anyone else. So, I promise you absolutely nothing. If you are intense about this whole matter then look into it for yourself and use the words of this typist as a mirror to examine your own mind, brain and life. Once you can sufficiently see yourself without the mirror then discard the mirror.  This entire thing whatever it becomes a blog post, an article, a story, an essay or something that is discarded on the waste heap of ideas not yet ready for prime time is raw and as real as it can be all on its own without my help. I am merely the typist or the writer if you like. You are the listening collaborator and together we are discussing these matters as deeply as we can stand to for the time being.


     I often wonder why this question is not the primary question of educational elementary and primary school?  We teach our children to read and write and to perform mathematical computations. We teach them to understand sounds and speech but we never broach the most pressing elementary and primary question of our sentience. Or if we do, it is colored so heavily by opinion, conjecture and nonsense story telling about saviors, g-ds and the afterlife or technology, science and human progress. We conflate the primary question of what does it mean to exist with the question why are we here. These two are not one and are as far apart from each other as night is from day but we will address the matter of these two questions a bit later. Let us look for a moment further into what the purpose of educational systems seems to be.  We brutalize our babies with schedules and calendars full of important things to do none of which actually are. We compare our young children to each other and encourage them to follow the rules and to behave and do as they are told by the brutal authorities that we have assigned over them. These brutal authorities were often simply the best performing brutes from one previous generation. By performing, we simply mean a mind that readily accepts the educational paradigm of being heavily conditioned to remember what is taught (not to consider it or examine it but just to remember it) and to regurgitate it on demand. Children who don’t assimilate to this structurally violent paradigm successfully are the subject of further hazing and violent actions from other children and the mercilessly brutal authorities. Because of all this, children are never truly encouraged to unravel the mystery of existence unless it is done within the appropriate parameters established by society and doesn’t take up too much time or waste capital. We brutalize our children with respectability and class and structure. We teach them to turn off the still small voice which is an unpardonable sin.  We turn wildly inquisitive alive human beings full of beauty and innocence into calculators and date memorizers and then set that aside and wonder why we are living in such a monstrously tragic world full of horrendous violence and depravity. The two are not separated as separation is an illusion created by inaccurate thinking.  The generation of such a monstrous world is directly related to how we brutalize our children into subjection to the equally monstrous ruling elite of the countries and sects on this planet.  Most people cannot even begin to see this reality as an actual fact and would be utterly shocked to have to examine such a statement in the presence of polite company.  It is clearly apparent that most of the world does not want to look at this matter. I do not care. It is important to me and that is enough for me.  We are destroying ourselves and our children and the whole world with this utterly insane madness. I am not sure why more people do not want to at least look at these things as it deeply and profoundly affects all of us.

     Have you ever posed the question to yourself in a moment of quiet mind? What does it mean to exist? What exactly happens when you do that? Stay with it for a while and don’t answer right away. Let the non-answer do the answering for once.  Sadly, our appetite for examining what is going on in our own minds is very short. We have been conditioned by entertainment to the point that our fragile shoddy existence is rarely examined and looked after in a caring way. Our minds are inflamed and sore from our desperate depraved existence and our utterly poor concern for the surfaces of our sentience. These surfaces are easily infected and writhe in a constant state of inflammation aching  for a healing balm. That is why we must soothe our minds constantly with one form of entertainment or another. Temporarily we do away with the pain and move on into even more mischief.  Interestingly enough even the word entertainment at its origin has to do with amusing the mind through some form of occupation that is pleasing. Why does one need to occupy the mind? Obviously, this goes back to very serious unanswered questions ultimately leading to the most vital question of existence for which a typist types and a reader reads and a listener listens and so on. But how can we even look at the question when our minds are so shallow and shoddy apparently incapable of such an energy filled task. Our energy is depleted from all our attempts to escape that we don’t have the necessary vitality to look into this thing very deeply.

     Is it an irrelevant question? Don’t rush it but let’s look into it. If it is irrelevant that all other inquiries are irrelevant too, perhaps.  If so, then exactly what is the point. Let’s just go root for the team and become adept human calculators and time pieces and stop wasting our time with this nonsense.  Most of the world is convinced that we are wasting our time even considering such a question.  I am not saying it is or it isn’t relevant or not. I am saying we must look at it and make up our own minds in accordance. The most used verb in the English language is the verb to be. It is the most used and least understood part of our language and yet it is also a part of this question. Existence means to be. Existence literally is wrapped up in this verb that we use constantly but lack any actual understanding of its origin or use. I wonder if you see all of this or are you becoming enamored by a lot of words as we attempt to dig a little deeper.  It is almost as if language is using us and we are not in charge of it as we might think or assume.   What does it actually mean to say I am or to say as the tetragrammaton proposes I am that I am or rather I exist that I exist what utter nonsense all of this is.  The deeper one looks the blacker the enlightenment becomes.  To be continued