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This is my first written discussion on the topic of the place where we live and its consequences of our assumptions about the place we call home. I am everyday Jason. I am just the speaker or typist. What you do with what we talk about here is completely up to you. I don’t want to be your teacher and you should therefore not want to be my follower. It is up to you. You are the world or rather the place where we live. The speaker/typist here is just a mirror for you to view the place that we live through. Once you can see clearly then discard the mirror for it is of no value or importance. What is of value is you seeing the world clearly for what it exactly is.  

This journey that we have chosen to take together is a journey on which we must travel very lightly. The assumptions we carry with us will just weigh us down and prevent us from being supple, preventing a healthy response and the ability to be aware of the slightest subtlety moving idea or thought in our brains.

This place we live is a truly monstrous place. We have made it that way together, you and the speaker/typist and the rest of us combined. The listener and the speaker are not separate from the monstrous place that we have made. We always want to blame the other but this place is a thing that we have made together all of us. If we are ever going to have a radical revolution and a genuine change then the very first thing that we must recognize is that we are responsible for every act of greed, violence, murder and war. Our indifference, apathy and ignorance perpetuate a constancy that allows the corrupt and powerful with our consent and agreement to further destroy this great plane of our existence.  Yes,  we are capable of such genuinely amazing acts of love and kindness and tenderness. There is a peace that radiates deep within the core of any human being that is able to penetrate through the noisy, maddening atmosphere into the darkness that shines at noon day deep within the mind of a human being that has found the depths of the solemn benediction.

Now this is not some sentimental hogwash or some kind of a romantic, inspirational, spiritual uplift session. The speaker is not an evangelist or a teacher or a guru or any kind of nonsense like that for which you might be acquainted. The speaker is not trying to fill your head with a lot of silly notions but rather assist you, if you are at all interested in looking into this thing of why this place we live in is the way it is. Why is the world system the way that it is? Why have we manufactured such depravity and poverty while ensuring a select cabal of a few families wants for nothing and continues to pile up wealth in the face of such globally manifested poverty? Why do we teach our babies to fight to the death mentally in these prisons that we consign them to at such early ages that we call educational institutions? The speaker and typist cries, poetically, for freedom from the chains that we bind our children to and ourselves to also. We could end fear today if we would just simply provide food, clothing, shelter and kindness to every other human being on this great plane of our existence. There are more than enough resources on the plane of our existence to do just that today. Despite reports to the contrary, we definitively have the resources to care for every human and animal in this place. We could end fear, war, hatred and murder, acquisitiveness and greed today. You and the speaker and the rest of the world, we could end fear as we know it. This would require abandoning the idea of state and nation. It would require the abolition of such silliness as race and regimental religion.  Can you not yet see that the very reason fear exists is because of these that we have just mentioned?

 We have become such shoddy third hand imitative puppets. Why is that? Why is it that we value imitative acts of assimilation, or don’t you care? Why do we trust the government autocrat, the space agency, the teacher, the prophet, the professor, the priest to tell us what to do and how to live our lives?  Most human beings live out their entire existence without ever looking into these deep matters of the human experience. The speaker doesn’t care if no one else on this great plane finds these matters to be of significant importance. It is enough just for the speaker that he cares and because he cares others will care as the world is not separate from the speaker nor the speaker separate from the world.

All of the collective pain and sorrow from the entire earth exists in each one of us or is that not readily obvious to you? Remember that this not a lecture or a session to convince you of anything. This is not some form of silly propaganda but rather an examination or better yet a conversation between the two of us on why we live in such a monstrous world. Yes, that is right, you are reading and I am typing and in that great mystery we are having a conversation.

They tell us in primary school that we live on a ball spinning rapidly that is traveling at break neck speeds around itself while it wobbles forwards and backwards like a drunkard and travels again around the sun trapped in a yearly gravitational, homicidal enslavement. The sun and us with it is also traveling at again break neck speeds travel around the galaxy and that the galaxy with the sun and us to is traveling at a monstrous speed on a collision course towards a certain annihilation at some great future epoch that the prophets of both science and religion have forecasted for our future. However, we don’t feel any of this motion. We have been taught by those who were taught by others who again were also taught by others that we are an accident of space time not intentioned or designed or even considered. Our existence is meaningless and hoe hum and the text book definition of pointless. No wonder this great plane of our existence has become so very monstrous and wickedly evil. The bedrock of everything we are taught from our earliest education is that we exist for no reason and therefore we fulfill that empty prophecy by ensuring that our very real existence, not the imagined narrative but the actuality of our very lives, becomes ultimately meaningless. 

We trough off to the office from 7 am to 6 pm at night answering emails and phone calls working ourselves to the bone doing mindlessly idiotic things that we would otherwise despise.  Our profession has become not what we know about the world but rather where we work, our insignificant job, our form of mindless occupation. Our business or rather busy-ness is not exploring this natural place and understanding it but rather accumulating currency in a never ending rat race to somehow find a brief respite from the torrent and torment of daily spinning life. We race off on vacations and return as quickly as we leave not finding that elusive thing, that peace, as peace is no where to be found in such utter and complete chaos.  

So if you are at all interested and are not overly enticed by a desire for sexual congress or the pleasure of watching a football match or an Olympic hero winning a gold medal or two and you really want to look into why it is this great plane of our existence is the way it is. Then it will require a dedication, an attention that is heretofore rarely seen among our fellow humans.

Most people simply do not care. That is an absolute fact. Now, it is important that the speaker makes clear that we are not passing judgement or any other nonsense. Most people do not care because they do not feel responsible for the conditions here in this place where we live. This again is an absolute fact.  If they do not feel responsible, then who am I to say different. They are simply not responsible. They do not care that this place that we live has become so very monstrous and idiotic and there is very little that you or the speaker can do to make them see anything different. They are very concerned about the election or the baseball game or the concert or the cheese and the wine. We live in a deeply superficial and infantile epoch of human existence. I don’t know if you have noticed it or not. At this point, in our journey it is important to ensure that we are both on the same page. You see…if all you want is to be inspired or learn a new philosophy or a pseudo religion or who it is you should blame for why things are the way they are, then we have nothing left to talk about for our time has ended. The speaker has nothing left to say. But, if you say that this is indeed a very serious matter and that I as a listener and a participant in this conversation want to go into this matter more deeply then perhaps we can go on a little while. Words so very often just simply are so very inadequate at describing the great thing of an actual and true change of the mind, a genuine revolution.

Why is it that human beings behave the way we do? You see a true revolution is never political. It is deeply radical and happens within the human brain of the individual at the individual level.

Never has a species ever had to cut through so much nonsense. We have been lied to from our very beginnings. We think that we live on a spinning ball. We are taught that greed and acquisitiveness is good. We expect that poverty is the result of a lack of work ethic. We worship made up gods that ensure that gravity keeps our feet planted to the globe while we persist is complete and total ignorance. We worship the lies of dead men and live on by regurgitating their assumptions about the world and how we should live. Is that how you want to live, truly?

Perhaps the earth, this great plane of our existence is a gentle, peaceful, still oasis, perfectly established, perfectly preserved. Maybe the stillness in the morning, that gentle benediction, is proof positive of it. Perhaps there is a profound consciousness that resides in all of us. This isn’t a conversation about religion but rather about seeing the world for what it is through clear eyes and what it can be if we can see through the lies and deceptions we have been persisting in for thousands of years.  It takes true freedom to be able to see these things. Not the freedom talked about by warmongers waving a bloody flag but rather a freedom that implies no pressure at all.  A freedom without gravity or anything to keep us in control. The entire journey and conversation is about actually being able to see which requires a genuine freedom that is rarely experienced in the modern world. The speaker is just the mirror for you to begin to see this freedom that has always existed in yourself. Once you can see for yourself then you can lead the way for yourself. The question is not whether or not the earth is flat. The question is whether or not you and I can actually see the earth for what it is in reality. It takes an extraordinary kind of attention and energy to actually see what is going on in the human mind as it explores these topics of the utmost importance.  Have we been lied to from our earliest years? Is the world system so very monstrous and evil because of the perpetuation of this singular lie that we live on a spinning pointless ball? Does it matter that we are lied to about where we live or is it a waste of our thoughtful intelligence? You and I, together, must go into the questions very deeply. We cannot say yes it is or no it isn’t as that will just block us from seeing clearly. Rather, we must summon the energy to look clearly at what actually is without any assumptions at all. Perhaps we should talk more about this topic at a later date…..     

Is the Earth Flat? A Serious Examination of the Philosophical Repercussions for this Monstrous World.