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The sky was an amazing blue today. In the whole of the entire day, one does not think that one saw a single cloud form at all today. The intense richness of the blue was so easy to watch as one drove around today.  The grass was a completely full and contented green that complemented the blue of the sky ever so gently.  The entire country side of the rural and even the city seemed so very content with itself, even happy one might say. The little purple and yellow flowers showing up from the nowhere land beneath the green grass and showing themselves as if they had been playing hide and seek for the winter happy to return and soak up the sun and breeze.  At a few times today, one was overwhelmed by a profound sense of beauty when looking at a tree. For the briefest moment there is no tree and there is no observer. There is just the beauty all by itself in a glorious moment of loveliness. This beauty is like a gentle breeze that blows in through an opened kitchen window providing a moment of cooling and then it quickly disappears. The observer and the tree return as if awakening from a summer snooze refreshed by a moment dreamy sleep. The dream they were sharing is the beauty, is the gentle breeze.  What a deeply wonderful spontaneous benediction it is when there is absolutely nothing. How does one write about nothing and say that is everything. He must be truly mad and one would guess that it is a kind of madness from which there is no consumptive remedy or medicinal cure.  What we are examining is the utterly sublime austerity of not existing. One often wonders if many people are curious about these matters. There is so much noise out there and here is this one saying that the silence is much more interesting than all the noise. The Americans are involved in an election and have been for some time according to the television and other means of media. One wonders why people are so intense about politics. Is it the lust for power or the gratification of being right at the expense of someone else being wrong?  One wonders if it has to do with sports. One is the blue, the other the red and the other the green. There is also the left or right which makes it very difficult to ascertain actually what is going on amongst them. They, being the candidates, lure followers with the bait of a brighter future, a better tomorrow, a new period of greatness and so on with endlessly new slogans and phrases.  They look to a politician with whom agree to tell them what to do and what to think. One wonders why people so easily follow a leader. Is this not our primary failure as a species, that we are easily led?  Leaders need people who readily want to be led by another and followers want someone to guide them to safety. It is a match but at what price? The leaders soon destroy the followers and the followers destroy the leaders and they start over again seeking for safety in the tomorrow promised by a new set of leaders propped up by a new set of followers. One doesn’t know if there is such thing as safety as it is a highly subjective term. To do away with fear would make the world safer one thinks. We could do that but that would require a total and complete revolution of how we think about the world.  Our world is broken not because of the politicians but because of us, we. We are deeply violent and tormented by our greed and acquisitiveness. We lack the necessary energy to allow awareness to see clearly what our tortured plight is. Therefore we look a leader and the promise of a better future with a lot of mesmerizing words to provide us with the hope of a little safety.  A gentle breeze is the greatest gift of kindness from the universe.